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We had a very successful year for our inter club competitions. Click to read more

We had a very successful year for our inter club competitions. The star of our club was Lazlo Gyorsok. He was Best of Show in the spring PSA competitions with a photo called"Dark Eyes". He also won an Honorable Mention with a photo called "Bud" in the winter competition. Brian Wilcox received an Honorable Mention for "Bad Day 2" during the winter competitions.

In the NECCC competitions, Lazlo and Brian were the two winners with Lazlo getting a first with "Lost" and Brian received an Honorable Mention for "Maple Leaf"

This does not tell the whole story for the year. We, as a club, were in the middle range of winnings and not so far from the top in scores in both the PSA and the NECCC. So let's keep it up. Thanks to Anne Wilkinson, William DeVoti, Giselle Doyle, Emilie Holste Grubbe, Rita Mathews, and Brian Wilcox for their entries. I think we did very well for a small club that is just beginning digital photos. It is a good way to get to know what other people think of how your photos stack up against 100's of others .This year we will publish all the results so that you can follow where you stand against the members of other photo clubs.

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Hello Club Members,

We are planning our traditional Holiday Get-Together for our December Meeeting. Due to conflict with scheduling at Noble Horizons we will have our Meeting/Dinner on Monday, December 15th. Our program will include a presentation by renowned area photographer Jonathan Doster who will do a presentation:

After Hours at Audubon
A Photographic Journal

Photographer Jonathan Doster has filmed Morocco, Spain, Coasta Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada and much of America...

but nowhere has he photographed more than his backyard - the ponds, woods, meadows and hills of Audubon Sharon.

Jonathan will present 13 years of intimate, poetic imagery of ethereal beauty and varied wildlife within the sanctuary’s 1,200 acres.

View all the photos at www.jdosterphoto.com Navigate to “Gallery - Audubon Sharon”

We get together starting at 6:00 pm for drinks, Dinner at 7:00 and presentation at 8:00

Cost of dinner will be $15.00 per person payable in advance or at the dinner. Since we are ordering on a per plate basis we need as accurate count of attendees as we can have by December 10th. Dinner choice is Chicken Cordon bleu or Sole. Please respond as soon as possible. See you all for an enjoyable evening.

Sergei Fedorjaczenko


Housatonic Camera Club photo challenges!
They're back....Housatonic Camera Club photo challenges! We want everyone in the club to get involved with taking and sharing photos, so we're proposing photo challenges which will be held four times during the year. Each challenge period will involve two or three assigned themes. Photos can be digital or prints, color or black and white. The topics and due dates for the year are attached and listed below. This is a chance for everyone from beginner to pro to share, get feedback, and maybe even get a ribbon or small prize.
The first challenge photos will be due at the January meeting, but you don't have to wait until then! Post your photos to the HCC website. (I haven't posted one yet myself, but Lazlo says it's easy! He will be happy to assist anyone who has questions or needs some help.) If you already have a few good "Signs of the Season" photos, post them to the website to get some comments and inspire the rest of us to join in the challenge.


HCC Photo Challenges
Fall/Winter--Show at January Meeting-----Topics: Signs of the Season (Fall, Winter, Holiday Season)
Winter------Show at March Meeting-------Topics: Winter Trees
The color WHITE
Spring------Show at May Meeting---------Topics: Spring
Up-Close (Close-ups, Macro, and Super Macro)
Special Challenge: Wires, Poles, and Power Lines (Yes, all those things
you usually want to take out of your photos!)
Summer-------Show at Sept. Meeting------Topics: TBA

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From Rita Mathews:

The PSA has its 2nd competition on January 1st so we must judge our entries on Dec 16th which is our Xmas Party. Please make your jpegs 1024X 768 for the horizontals and 768 for the vertical X whatever comes for the horizontal. Also please name them Club name-your last name-entry number-jpg . ie. Housatonic-Mathews-1-jpg. Please get them in at least the week before the meeting. Last time I was moving photos around the night before the meeting.

From Judith Becker :

A plea for photos for the NECCC competition that will have to be done at our dinner meeting.
color, black & white

Prints must be mounted, NOT FRAMED. Size AT LEAST 8" x 10" NO MORE THAN 16" X 20"
We submit 4 entries, each from a different maker. BUT there were only 3 color entries and NO b&w for the fall competition so we can do make-ups. Anyone who did not enter in Sept. could have two pictures selected, one as a make-up and one for the winter competition.

For Sale:

For Sale : Well cared for Nikon D200 10.2 megapixel professional digital camera with MB200 power pack grip, 2- batteries and Kirk professional L-Bracket for Arca-Swiss type mount. Less the Kirk bracket, $800.
Price: $875.
Note: I also have a Nikkor 12-24 f/4 super –wide zoom which is a very high quality lens that I paid $900. price would be $650?
I have boxes and papers for both.
Gary W. Stanley
Contact number: 781-599-0819

Joke of the month

There was this photographer in one of the most remote parts of the African continent on an assignment. He came across a primitive village where the residents were living in thatched huts and wearing colorful primitive garments. He approached a man who appeared to be the chief who was wearing a large headdress made of woven hemp and colorful feathers.

The photographer, not knowing how to speak to him, pointed to his camera then to the chief. The chief nodded. As the photographer was taking a meter reading the chief said "today use f/16 at 1/125 for ISO 100 film".


Member Profile: Lazlo Gyorsok

The gods were kind to our club when they guided Lazlo on his adventure-filled journey from Hungary, where he was born in 1947, across Europe and onto a ship which deposited him in 1972 in the "Big Apple," as he calls New York City, with a gleam in his eye. He left there after a few years working his way north-- washing windows-- to Cornwall Bridge, Ct. (Get him to tell you that interesting story with many more details.)

At age 10, Lazlo started taking photos with a Russian version of a Kodak box camera and continued with film until 2000, when he joined the digital world " …and never looked back." He currently uses a Sigma SD14 and a Fuji S5. His main photographic interests are his own brand of portraits, he says, because "…like candid shots, they reveal much more of people than the posed ones… I love to take portraits at Civil War reenactments." You can see some of them at by clicking here. His photos have received numerous national awards from the Photographic Society of America, the New England Camera Club Council, as well as international awards.

Lazlo serves on several committees in our camera club, including the executive committee. Even though he is very busy running his painting business, you will always find him at club meetings, putting on shows, answering questions, and sharing his formidable photographic skills. Another of his hobbies is web design, serving as the club webmaster, as well as for the Town of Cornwall, the Cornwall Congregational Church, and a few commercial sites. "It keeps me out of trouble" he says with a smile.

This generous, affable man still lives in Cornwall Bridge, with his wife, Christina, daughter Lesley, and granddaughter, Linda Grace. "…plus two lazy dogs and two even lazier cats and two birds. One of them," he quips, "even talks back to you." .


An amazing new camera from Nikon Read more.....

So does this make film dead. Interesting discussion


A Hymn to New England

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