HCC Program Schedule 2023-2024

Meeting Date Topic Location
September 19 Members showcase Noble Horizons
October 17 B and W Made Easier by Jeff/Lazlo/Steve Noble Horizons
November 21 Impact of AI on Photography by Bert Sirkin Zoom meeting
December 13 Holiday Dinner (theme to be announced)
Members will present 1-2 photos taken in the Last year and we will discuss things such as Perspective, techniques, equipment used, etc.
Noble Horizons
January 16 Creative Cell Phone Techniques by Nancy Ori Zoom meeting
February 20 Capture and Beyond: The Making of a Winning Image by Sharon Prislipsky Zoom meeting
March 19 How to make a Photo book by Matt Cohen Zoom meeting
April 16 Print Critique
Members are encouraged to bring in 1 or 2 prints. Members will discuss their photos with club members and include things such as what attracted them to the subject matter, what preparation went into taking the photograph, what techniques and camera settings were used and what post-processing was done. This information provides context around the photo. Then members will provide a critique of the photograph. Don't we all want to know how we can improve? The purpose of the critique is to provide the photographer - and all of us - with valuable feedback that can help us to understand what works with our photos and what doesn't.
Noble Horizons
May 21 Presentation by Tom Blagden
Noble Horizons
June 25 End of season picnic at Kent Falls. Starting at 6 PM TBD

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind

“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Elliott Erwitt

“Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.”

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

Diane Arbus

“Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world.”

Steven Pinker

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange

“Photography is a way to shape human perception.”

James Balog

“Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.”

Martin Parr

“Photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to get the photo. So it’s good to capture people when they are themselves.”

Patrick Demarchelier

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

“Photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.”

Ansel Adams

“Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts.”

Garry Winogrand

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.”

Jean-Luc Godard

“Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.”

Elliott Erwitt

“Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.”

W. Eugene Smith

“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz

“Photography is a way of putting distance between myself and the work which sometimes helps me to see more clearly what it is that I have made.”

Andy Goldsworthy

“Photography is a major force in explaining man to man.”

Edward Steichen

“Photography is the easiest medium with which to be merely competent. Almost anybody can be competent. It’s the hardest medium in which to have some sort of personal vision and to have a signature style.”

Chuck Close